Monday, 13 August 2012

Women's Western Shirts

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Women's Western Shirts

Women's western shirts are among the new hottest wear in the fashion industry today. Gone are the days when cowgirl shirts were considered lackluster and were seen as a sign of ruggedness. Now they are in with a bang, and if the vitality in their design is anything to go by, then this is the trend to watch out for. But before you dismiss women's western shirts as another fashion whirlwind, this is not the kind of wear to come and fade. No; women's western shirts have been around for quite some time, but now they are no longer in the closet!

The myth that women's western shirts make you appear rugged like a cowboy does not apply any more. As a matter of fact, modern womens shirts are designed with a great deal of femininity. There are shirts which have been patterned with floral prints, pearl snap closures, laces, piping, embroideries, rhinestones and adorned denims. They also come in various sizes; from close-fitting to big-size. You can choose shirts with sleeves or sleeveless, depending on the season or occasion. Others have pockets on the front while others don't. However, most of the women's western shirts will still retain that country appeal, an element that makes them bold and distinctive.

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